Dead Island

For Synthesis and Sound Design Siha Gnet, John Godziki, Dakota Jakelia and I partnered up to take on the sound design of the video game trailer Dead Island.  The original sound design relied heavily on the music to drive the entire piece to cover up their lack of polished foley.  Also the original design let us know that the girl was being chased by “zombie” sounding things right when she appears on screen. We didn’t like this so we held off on adding the zombie sounds until we actually saw the zombies on screen.  We did this because upon first watch you’re under the impression that this little girl is dead and that she either committed suicide or was killed by jumping off a high building.  So you become emotionally attached to this girl even more so when she is running through the hallway away from something.

We started out by putting together a foley list of all the sounds in the trailer and then found our voice actors.  The voice acting mainly was composed of all seven of our actors being zombies and screaming.  We took the best of all of their takes to make zombie mob and the parents.  Both the mother and the daughters screams were a combination of screams gathered by three voice actresses.