Video Game Music and Ambience Composition

This was a senior project for video game design majors at the Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg.  The group contacted me to compose music and an ambience track for their video game. The game is supposed to take place in Hell, so they were looking for a dark, ominous, chaotic type of sound with a lack of structure.  The end of it though they wanted to be hopeful for when you see the house and become more present when you get closer to it.  I composed everything using Apple Logic and Propellerhead Reason.  The samples mainly comes from stock loops found in logic and reason. I originally put them there as place holders for some original compositions but their project took longer than planned so music and audio ambience cues were placed on the back burner. I ended up not getting any peer reviews of the music or cues that they had me make, nor time to even place them into the game. They instead made a trailer with the sound cues mixed into it randomly. It still came out pretty decent, but I was disappointed the project never reached its full potential.